In February 2016, 10 valued clients, 8 Dutch and 2 German, have joined our Discovery Tour during Monlam Festival (Losar) in Tongren, Xiahe and Langmusi. The trip has successfully completed, and all the clients were very impressed. We are very glad to receive following feedback from Lia:
On behalf of the entire Dutch group we want to tell you that we had a very nice trip. We were very pleased with the driver and found the guide (Chris) very good high quality replica watches. He speaks good English and was well informed of all the festivities which took place.The hotels and the route were well.A trip to recommend.
We are very grateful that Veronika and Lia have sent us many beautiful photos.
Wish you all the best!

The itinerary of the group tour is as below. We are looking forward to experience the Losar Tour in 2017 with you together.

Day01 14.02.2016 SUN Arrival Xining
Today we arrive in Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, meet your tour guide at the airport and transfer to hotel, free for rest of day. Overnight at 4*Yile Hotel

Day02 15.02.2016 MON Xining – Kumbum – Tongren
Breakfast in hotel. Check out and leave for Tongren. On the way we will visit Kumbum monastery (Ta'er Si) of Gelukpa-sect, which was built in 1560 in Huangzhong county and also one of the six grand monasteries in Tibet. After that drive to Tongren (Repkong), and visit Longwu monastery of Gelukpa sect which was initially constructed in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) as a monastery of Sakya-sect. Overnight at 3*Regong Hotel

Day03 16.02.2016 TUE Tongren
In the morning we set out for approx. 10km to Gomargar Monastery to see the grand assembly with Tibetan locals and monks of the monastery. The highlight of the tour today is no doubt the Thangka Buddha-Painting Exposure, which normally starts from 14h00pm and will lasts for 3-4hrs. After the first hours visit in Gomargar Monastery we drive to lower Wutun Monastery to participate the Grand Buddha Circuit activity. Drive back hotel. Overnight at 3*Regong Hotel

Day04 17.02.2016 WED Tongren
Continue our visit at Repkong. We will spend the whole day long at Wutun monastery and Wutun village the center of Tibetan Regong-Art, which is a successful mixture of religion and folk art. Enjoy the mask dance at Wutun and take photos. In the afternoon drive to Gomargar Monastery to participate the Grand Buddha Circuit activity. Overnight at 3*Regong Hotel

Day05 18.02.2016 THU Tongren
Full day tour to the Gomargar monastery to enjoy the monk mask dance. Drive back hotel late in the afternoon. Overnight at 3*Regong Hotel

Day06 19.02.2016 FRI Tongren – Xiahe
In the morning enjoy the monk mask dance at the Gomargar Monastery. Afterwards we leave for Xiahe. Overnight 2*Labrang Baoma Hotel

Day07 20.02.2016 SAT Xiahe – Langmu Si
Today the Labrang Losar celebration takes place. Watch the big sunning-Buddha ceremony at the hillside by the monastery in the morning with crowds of Tibetan locals. Enjoy the grand view and make nice pictures. In the afternoon drive to Langmu Si Monastery (Taktsang Lhamo). Overnight at simple Langmusi Hotel

Day08 21.02.2016 SUN Langmusi
Today we will watch the mask dance in Langmu Si Monastery. All participants as pilgrims, farmers, nomads and tourists at the ceremony will be blessed by gods. And then visit the Langmu Si monastery (Taktsang Lhamo). Overnight at simple Langmu Si Hotel

Day09 22.02.2016 MON Langmusi – Xiahe
In the morning drive back to Xiahe, on the way visit the Milarepa Tower in Hezuo. At night, enjoy amazing show of Butter sculpture Arts in Labrang, a vivid handi art created by the Buddhist monks inspired by the Buddha teachings. Overnight 2*Labrang Baoma Hotel

Day10 23.02.2016 TUE Xiahe – Lanzhou
In the morning visit the big Labrang monastery, the most important religious centre on the northeast border of the Tibet region. The monastery created in 1710, as one of the six grand monasteries in Tibet area, has served for centuries there to connect the Tibetan and Mongolian. Another highlight of our tour to Xiahe in the morning: visit the grand circuit together with thousands of pilgrims and monks at Labrang to make a round walk of the monastery with the huge statue of Maitreya, Buddha of the Future. After that we leave Xiahe for Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province. Overnight at 4*Legend Hotel

Day11 24.02.2016 WED See off
Free till check out and transfer to Lanzhou airport for departure flight. End of the amazing Losar tour.


Startdatum der Reise: 0. 0000

The self-driving family Moser entered China from Mohan border in time on February 24, 2016, and everything went smoothly.  Because the relevant departments didn’t coordinate well with each other after the new rules being published, the group didn’t leave China on March 17 as scheduled, and they exit into Kyrgyzstan on March 18. We are very honored to publish here some beautiful photos taken by the clients, and the photos record their unforgettable experience during the self-driving tour through China.

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In the last January 2017, we cooperated for the first time with an active Austrian travel agency who organizes special theme tours successfully. It was a discovery tour during the Tibetan New Year Losar in Eastern Tibetan cultural area Amdo in Province Qinghai and Gansu. The group has returned home safely. Mr. Prof. Hans Foerst, the group leader, who is also the organizer, sent us his feedback at once when he got home:
Liebe Frau Zhu, lieber Herr Liao,panerai replica watches
Bin eben aus Osttibet zurückgekehrt. Ich möcht mich für die sehr guten
Hotels, den großen Bus und besonders für den Reiseleiter Herrn Chris
bedanken. Alles hat super funktioniert!!!!
Für die Schamanenfest-Reise im Juli bitte ich wieder unbedingt Chris als
Rieseleiter zu bekommen!!!
Danke für alles
Hans Först

On the way he told our tour guide, the dishes are the best which he have ever had for several times in China over these years. During the Chinese New year, many restaurants are closed, but the tour guide arranged for our clients having big meals in the local families. This is an uncommon experience!
Before this tour started, we know that there are new better hotels in some places, so we upgraded the hotels for our clients.
Mr. Prof. Hans Foerst has traveled around the world for many years. Several years ago, he wrote and published the 432-page Tibet travel guidebook "Tibet Reiseführer" and "Tibet – Feste und Zeremonien" in German. We are really gratifying that we can got his approval for the first cooperation with him as well as his company. Here are some Tibetan New Year Festival pictures which he has taken during this trip and the covers of his 2 books.

Startdatum der Reise: 0. 0000


Accompanied by Mr. Professor Foerst, our cooperating partner from Austria, 18 distinguished guests returned to their hometown at the end of July. Today we received the feedback of the festival experience tour from 15th to 29th July in East Tibet Amdo-Kham:
Lieber Herr Liao, liebe Frau Zhu,
Wieder eine erfolgreiche Reise mit Ihnen!!
Vielen Dank für die sehr guten Hotels, die sich in den letzten Jahren sehr
verbessert haben, für das ausgezeichnete Essen, dass Chris für uns
auswählte (er hat nie gespart mit zu viel Gemüse wie andere Tourguides).
Vor allem aber Dank für Chris, einen der besten Reiseleiter, die ich in
China seit 40 Jahren erlebt habe!! Er weiss, was Touristen wollen und
brauchen und hat überall gute Kontakte!
Liebe Grüße
PS: An welchen Bildern wären Sie interessiert?
Wie sieht es mit dem Reiterfest in Lithang 2018 aus? Bitte versuchen Sie
auch Klosterfeste in Kham in diesem Zeitraum zu finden!

It is our great honor to cooperate with Mr. Professor Foerst since this January. Up to now, we have organized two groups in January and July with him in the tibetan region successfully. And the travel route in July was: Beijing - Lanzhou - Shaman Festival in Tongren - Xiahe - Langmu Si - Aba - Rangtang - Ganzi - Yarchen Gar - Ganzi - Yilhun Lhatso - Dzochen - Shiqu - Nomads Festival in Yushu - Madoi - Gonghe - Xining - Lanzhou.
Next year we will organize the same itinerary, you are welcome to join us!

Startdatum der Reise: 0. 0000

As officially announced, the border port Jilong (Kyirong) - Rasuwa Ghadhi between Tibet/China and Nepal has been reopened on 30.08.2017. From now on people or vehicles coming from a third country are allowed to travel/drive through the border port as well. In this way we are very glad to inform you that we can organize overland tours, self drive tours and motorbike tours between Tibet/China and Nepal again!

Startdatum der Reise: 0. 0000

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