Bird Watching and Wildlife Adventure Tours in Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is known as the roof of the world and the “third pole” on earth. North from Kunlun Mountain - Altun Mountain - Qilian Mountain and South from Himalayas, it covers an area of 23% of territory of China. With an average elevation of over 4000 meters above sea level, there are more peaks with 5000 meters to 7000 meters above sea level. Its unique natural landscape and diverse climate types have given birth to abundant animal and plant resources and regional national culture. Greatway Tour aims to demonstrate the charm of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through bird watching tour and wildlife adventure tour: Tibetan Antelope, Wild Yak, Kiang, Black-Necked Crane at no man’s land Qiangtang, Black Snub-Nosed Monkey, Red Panda, Pheasants, Crossoptilon, Crossoptilon Harmani in the Himalayas and Hengduan Mountainous Region, Giant Panda, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, Sika Deer, Lophophorus Lhuysii, Golden Pheasant, Lady Amherst Pheasant (Chrysolophus Amherstiae) in Daxueshan Mountain (Grand Snow Mountain).

Bird Watching Travel in Western Sichuan
Beautiful and Rare Birds in Panda Habitat
20 Days Private Tour | Chengdu – Longcanggou – Erlangshan – Labahe – Siguniangshan – Balangshan - Wolong – Balangshan – Siguniangshan – Zhuokeji – Hongyuan – Ruoergai – Gonggangling – Jiuzhaigou – Gonggangling - Huanglong – Tangjiahe - Chengdu
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Bird Watching and Wildlife Travel in Northern Tibet Qiangtang
Fauna Travel in Lhasa and Northern Tibet Qiangtang
13 Days Private Tour | Lhasa – Xiongse Kloster – Lhasa – Tsurpu – Yangbajing – Nam Tso - Shengxiang Tianmen - Bangge Tso - Bange – Nyima - Wenbu – Dangqiong Tso – Dangra Tso - Daguo – Sangsang - Shigatse – Gyantse - Yamdrok - Lhasa
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Bird Watching and Wildlife Travel in South Shaanxi and West Sichuan
Beautiful and Rare Birds and Lots of Wildlife in Panda Habitat
14 Days Private Tour | Chengdu – Yangxian – Tangjiahe – Longnan – Tiebu – Ruoergai – Tangke – Hongyuan – Zhuokeji – Mengbi Shan – Xiaojin – Siguniang Shan – Balang Shan – Wolong – Dujiangyan – Chengdu
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Other Tibet Tour Packages
Other Tour Packages of East Tibet Kham-Amdo