Discover Beautiful Orchid, Meconopsis, Rheum Officinate, Saussurea

The vast Tibetan area of Kham-Amdo, also known as the Tibetan settlement in West Sichuan, Northwest Yunnan, South Gansu and most of Qinghai Province, has large altitude differences, rich terrain and landforms, different climates and diverse environments, which have created bio-diversity.

We accompany you in the mild and humid spring and summer of the Kham-Amdo area into nature to explore the beauty of these flowers at mountains and along the streams, such as orchid, meconopsis, rheum officinate, saussurea.

Orchid Watching Tour in Western Sichuan
Flora Travel in High Mountains and Beautiful Nature
14 Days Private Tour | Chengdu – Luding - Yanzi Gou - Hailuo Gou - Baoxing - Jiajin Shan - Siguniang Shan - Balang Shan - Wolong - Maoxian - Huanglong - Danyunxia - Chuanzhusi - Jiuzhaigou - Huangtuliang - Wanglang - Pingwu - Chengdu
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