Museums in Tibet, the Carrier of Tibetan Ancient Civilization
Tibetan culture is a bright pearl in the treasure trove of Chinese culture and world culture. From magnificent monasteries to splendid Palaces, from sacred scriptures to mysterious religious rituals, from beautiful and exquisite Thangka to Tibetan incenses, all reflect the unique charm of the snow regions’ culture. If you want to real know the Tibet culture, the museum is must not missed. These museums boast many precious physical materials that carry splendid civilization and long history of the plateau, including Thangka with colorful color, rich themes, beautiful painting art, and Buddhist statues with diverse materials, rich craftsmanship, diverse forms, and all kinds of carved carving with a wide range of uses, unique shapes, elaborate carving, and religious cultural relics with simple decoration, exquisite craftsmanship, traditional documents and books of Tibet ancient civilization that are carried by words, etc..
Tibet Museum
The Tibet Museum is located southeast of the main entrance of Norbulingka, and is the first museum with modern facilities in Tibet. The Tibet Museum has the typical Tibetan architectural style...


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