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Rongbuk Glacier
At the Foot of Qomolangma

The famous Glacier Rongbuk, is just 300 m away from Rongbuk Monastery, and lies at the foot of Qomolangma with the altitude between 5300 m and 6300 m.

This glacier consists of three parts: the West, the Middle and the far East Rongbuk Glacier. With an total area of 1500 square kilometers, 26 kilometers long,and 1.4 kilometers wide, it is a fully developed "classic" glacier and is one of the best preserved glaciers in the world. Besides, it is the largest glacier in the Qomolangma Nature Reserve where many glaciers, ice towers, icicles as well as entire ice palaces are here. Mountaineers especially love this beautiful landscape and call it the largest "mountain park" in the world. The three glaciers extend to north direction and seem to have piled up into Qomolangma.

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