Glacier Landscape of Tibet
The glacier landscape of Tibet is impressive and magnificent. Tibet has the world's largest reservoir of ice and snow. The glaciers in Tibet look like silver dragons and can hardly be counted. There are 2756 glaciers in west of Bome. The Yarlung Zangbo River originates from the Gyaimayamzong Glacier on the northern slope of Himalaya. Ice and snow, which are tens of thousands of years old, move slowly through the valley under the influence of self-weight and then form the glacier. The glaciers are not only worth for visiting, but also the subject for scientific research. In the glacier world, wonderful landscapes can be found everywhere: a 5-meter-high ice platform, a tall and steep ice wall that looks like a huge screen. Most importantly, many ice towers with various shapes inspire people's imagination, some of which look like pyramids, bell towers, swords and even giraffes. Here, sunlight works as an ice carver for decades centuries. Scientists say that ice towers of the size can only appear in Himalayas and Kunlun Mountains. And those on Qomolangma and Xixiabangma are particularly impressive. In the drainage area of Lake Yamdrok, the snow mountain Kalu rises to a height of 6629 m. Nojikangsang at 7194 meters above sea level on its north side, it is the highest peak of the area and the watershed of southern Tibet. Near these two peaks, there are 54 glaciers with a total area of 130 square kilometers. There are three peaks here, namely Noijinkangsang, Jangsangram and Kyengangsursum, which can be used as an excellent travel and adventure destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Located at the foot of Qomolangma with the altitude between 5300 m and 6300 m, the famous Glacier Rongbuk is just 300 m away from Rongbuk Monastery. Because there are 10 peaks with a height of more than 6000 m and many glaciersin the 200 km² area around the Kangriboqe Mountains (main peak Kailash) in the Burang County of Ngari (Ali) and Lake Manasarovar, it is an ideal place for mountaineers from all over the world. There are many glaciers in "Tibetan Switzerland", Bome, because of the humid and warm air from the Indian Ocean. The most famous glaciers are Kaqing, Qepu and Rogo. With 19 km long and an area of 90 km², the Kaqing Glacier is one of the three largest glaciers in China.
Rongbuk Glacier
The famous Glacier Rongbuk, is just 300 m away from Rongbuk Monastery, and lies at the foot of Qomolangma with the altitude between 5300 m and 6300 m. This glacier consists of three parts: the...


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