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Tibet Travel Planning
Advice for Your Tibet Tour

When should you travel?

The climatic conditions play a subordinate role for most visitors when they travel to Tibet. Without a doubt, it is very cold in winter and snowfall can make the trip difficult. Nevertheless, some travelers swear by the winter months, because there are only a few people  on the way during this time. Like Lhasa, the nomads show the most colorful aspect of their life.

It is probably the best times to visit Tibet in spring, early summer and late autumn. From mid-July to late September, monsoons rage in parts of Tibet. September and October are generally considered as the best travel months for visitors to Tibet.

What you can bring?

In general: bring as little as possible and as much as necessary!
Compactness and lightness are two key words when you choose travel accessories. On the other hand, we recommend that you should consider the following things when you plan:


No matter what time you travel to Tibet, you should always bring warm clothes with you. In addition to long-sleeved T-shirts, a good sweater or cardigan is recommended for the summer in the western Tibet areas. It is necessary to bring thermal underwear, a jacket, gloves and a ski or storm mask during the other seasons.

If it is necessary, some clothing can be bought in Lhasa or Shigatse, but the selection is limited and the quality is not good. It is better to be prepared:

Good walking shoes and thick socks are necessary. A wide-brimmed hat for protection from the sun can be easily bought in Lhasa. We do not recommend the widespread baseball hats, because they cannot adequately protect the ears. Shorts or short-sleeved T-shirts are also not recommended.

Other items

To protect your eyes from sunlight and UV radiation, please wear sunglasses. A compact umbrella is not only protection against rain, sleet and snowfall, but also against the sun.

Pharmaceutical or cosmetic articles are difficult to obtain in Tibet such as. B. razor, razor blades, mosquito spray, deodorants, toothpaste, tampons or contact lens liquid. Be sure to bring a lip balm! Most travelers' lips become very brittle within a few days. If it is not treated, you will feel very painful.

Because boiling water can be found everywhere, so instant coffee and soup are very helpful. Carry a water bottle with you to let boiling water cool down.

We recommend that a torch is necessary when you  visit monasteries, because there is no lighting usually. And don't forget your alarm clock in order to get up in time and meet a flight or bus.

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