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Some Rules of Conduct for Travelers to Tibet
Some Taboos in Tibet

Tibetans do not eat horse, dog and donkey meat. Fish is also not eaten in some regions. Please respect these eating habits!

Please be careful not to step on the threshold when you enter a house or tent.

Please add a "la" after their name to show respect when you call them.

If you are asked to sit down, please cross your legs and do not stretch your legs straight (cross-legged) while you sit down. But if not, your soles can be seen by others.

If you accept a gift, please take it with both hands! When they present you something, they will tilt their body forward and hold the gift higher than their head with both hands. Please take tea, wine or cigarettes with both hands and do not touch the inside of cups or bowls with your fingers.

When a host offers you a bowl of wine, do the following: dip your ring finger in the wine and flick it first in the sky, then in the air, and finally on the ground to show your respect for heaven, land, earth and ancestors. Then they drink a little. The landlord will refill the wine and they will drink a little more. If the host refills the wine, they will drink the wine completely.

If Tibetans have turned their backs on them, do not clap or spit them out. That is rude.

It is also considered as polite that Tibetans stick out their tongue to say "Hello!" and put hand in front of chest.

Don't smoke inside monasteries and chapels! It is also prohibited to touch or photograph Buddha statues or religious objects! Please walk around religious objects clockwise, such as stupas or mani walls (except in Bon Monastery)!

Eagles are considered as sacred birds by the Tibetans. If you are lucky enough to sight, don’t scare away, or don’t scare and hurt the animals.

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