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Relic in Karub
Well-preserved Relic of the Neolithic Period

This cultural relic is named Karub because it was found in the village of Karub, 12 km away from Chamdo. It is a well-preserved relic from the Neolithic Period, about 4700 years ago in southwestern China.

The relic has a total area of 10,000 m² and there are 31 hut foundations made of straw and stone. There is one cellar where 7960 chipped and polished stone tools, 360 bone tools and more than 20,000 pieces of pottery were found. All of these proved the life and activities of Tibetans and filled the blank of archeology in Tibet. This is also important for the past history of Tibet, for the changes of ancient nationalities in southwest China, for the connections between Tibetan culture and the culture in the catchment area of the Yellow River and for many other topics of history.

The cultural relics in Xiao'enda is less than 20 km away from the cultural relics in Karub. With a history of more than 3700 years, it is younger than Karub's cultural relics, but it belongs to the same cultural category and obviously more advanced than the cultural relics in Karub.

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