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Manor Pharla
A Manor of the Noble Family Pharla
The Pharla Manor is well preserved and is located in Bangjor Lhunbo Village on the southern side of Nyang Qu River, just 4 km away from the city Gyantse. The Clan Pharla was a well-known and powerful noble family in the modern history of Tibet and Clan was one of the eight powerful clans in Tibet. Five family members were senior officials of the local government in Tibet. With 25 farming farms and 8 animal husbandry farms and a total area of 6.67 million m², she possessed over 7000 live stocks and about 3000 serfs and slaves in eastern Tibet.
The Pharla Manor, is one of these Manors, has a three-story main building with numerous photos and objects, which provide an insight into the time. Here you can see various luxury items and terrible torture tools. Clear contrast to the luxuriously furnished residence of the nobles are the poor huts of the villagers where serfs or slaves live. A visit to this manor tells you what it really looked like in ancient Tibet. The villagers, who were formerly serfs of the noble family, now live in new houses, which are not inferior to the former residence of the nobles, so it is difficult for tourists to distinguish them.
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