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Hot Springs Group in Burugou Valley
At the Baga Monastery in Linzhi Prefecture

With 4200 meters above sea level, Hot Springs Group in Burugou Valley is very famous in Linzhi (Nyingchi) Prefecture. It is about 8 kilometers from the hot spring to Nyangbo Village, Gongbo’ gyamda County. Besides, it is not highway but mountain road that is twists and turns. If you ride a horse, you will take about one hour. The hot spring vent is steaming hot. With 40-50 degrees, the spring water contains multiple microelements, which can cure dozens of diseases.

Buru hot spring water is oozed from rocks and the spring mouth is connected with geothermal water. With a low location, Buru Hot Spring attracts people to take a bath. The middle hot spring is under Baga Monastery, a Lamasery, so the hot spring was called “Lama Hot Spring”. With about 1 meters deep and clear spring water, a rectangular shape and a size of a bed, Lama Hot Spring can accommodate two to three people for bath at the same time. The upper hot springs are stacked and the lower are flat and boast brim, so these hot springs are specially used for storing water. Buddhist nuns always carry water for drinking or take a bath here, so these hot springs are called “Nun Hot Spring”.

Hot Springs Group in Burugou Valley are surrounded by dense forest. There are dense old cypresses and rapid streams in the mountain and lofty snowy peaks in the distance.

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