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Discovery Tour during Tibetan New Year Monlam Festival in Langmu Si, Luqu and Aba in Eastern Tibet Amdo in 2019
Chengdu – Ruoergai – Langmu Si - Luchu – Langmu Si – Tangke - Aba - Taoping – Chengdu
8 days from RMB7120
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This discovery tour will lead you to through the cultural area of Eastern Tibet Amdo in western Sichuan and southern Gansu. In this area you will feel different religious atmosphere as in the center Tibet (TAR). In this area there are important Nyingmapa and Jonanpa Monasteries as well as the Monastery Nangshig of Bon Religion. The main target is the Tibetan New Year Festival Losar in Langmu Si, Luqu and Aba. This tour offers you the opportunity to participate in various religious ceremonies with colorfully dressed believers and monks. Langmu Si and Aba are two important centers of Eastern Tibetan cultural area Amdo. The highlight of the festivals will be the „Basking of the huge Thangkas with the figure of the Buddha“. In the whole two weeks of the festival, the lovely shamanic dances, pray ceremonies, jewelry show and the party of the believers will be held incessantly.
Date, Price and Service
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