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Ruins of Qingwa Dagze Palace
The Second Largest Fortress of Tubo Dynasty

Located on the stone mountain Qingwa Dagze on the river Qiongyi,the ruins of Qingwa Dagze Palace are actually a large complex of palaces for the kings of the early Tubo Dynasty.

As the heart of Yarlung tribe at once, Ruins of Qingwa Dagze Palace was the residence for the kings at that time, which presents that it was the capital of early Tubo Dynasty. According to the records of Tibetan history, the Qingwa Dagze Palace was built in the era of the 9th King Budaigonggyi. Since then, five kings have built their own palaces here, which resulted in a complex of buildings that was later called “six palaces of Qingwa Dagze”. The remains of those palaces and fortress walls can still be seen today. Standing on the mountain between them, you can find that their convenient defense locations are obvious.

Carvings can be seen on the rock in the south of Qingwa Dagze, which are difficult to determine the year. You can see figures and characters. Thare are 56 figures representing deities of Tibetan Buddhism. Besides, Buddha and protective deities can be seen here. The largest figure is 3 m high, and the smallest is only 20 cm. However, the characters are too weathered to be deciphered.

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