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Ruin of Lhagyili Palace
Important Materials for Studying History of Local Architecture in Tibet

Ruin of Lhagyili Palace, located on the south side of Qusum County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, was built in the 13th century. It is a symbol of the royal power that has been preserved by the families of the descendants of the Tubo Kingdom after the Sakya and Phag-mo gru-pa regimes.

Remains of the palace's existing buildings can be roughly divided into three phases according to its founding age: the early building of the old palace "Tashi group (Zha Xi Qun Zong)" was built in the 13th century, and the existing parts are a stump of the palace wall up to 12 meters, the south gate and north gate. The medium-term palace “Gandan Lazi” (also known as Lagari Pozhang) was built in the 15th century; it is the main body of the existing ruin of Lhagyili Palace. It consists of a royal palace, a warehouse, a Lhakhang (a palace), a square, a stable, etc.. The original one has 5 floors, but now exist only 3 floors with some murals still remaining. The late building "the summer palace (Xia Gong)" was built in the 18th century, and the existing part is a basically complete courtyard palace.

The palace architecture is an important category in ancient Tibetan architecture. The ruin of Lhagyili Palace was basically maintained the layout and structure of the original building, and its architectural style incorporates the architectural style of Han people. It is extremely precious in Tibetan palace architecture, and it is also an important physical material for studying the local history and architectural history of Tibet.

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